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Styling a Console

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Have you ever wondered how to style a balanced, interesting, and chic console table?

Below are a few steps you can follow to achieve the console of your dreams.

Step 1: Pick your console table

Try to find a console table that fills the space appropriately, no mater how large or small. Tables with multiple shelves or levels for accessories will be helpful in creating more stylish groupings.

Step 2: Add a mirror or artwork above the table

Hanging a beautiful piece of art or a mirror a few inches above the table top creates a backdrop for the other items to stand out against. Consider using this piece to add a neutral background for colorful accessories or bold artwork behind simple and refined accessories.

Step 3: Add a lamp or two

Adding lamps to a console table can provide a subtle ambient light for the space while creating dimension through varying heights. Whether you add one bold statement lamp or two matching lamps to either side, you can't go wrong with using lamps to elevate your console table design.

Step 4: Add a storage element

Storage pieces like decorative boxes or large woven baskets can add an element of functionality while still contributing to the beauty of the space.

Step 5: Add books or small accessories for balance

While each side of the console should not be a mirror of the other, balance is extremely important when placing accessories. Playing with groupings of small items to contrast larger pieces will balance the decor's visual weight.

Step 6: Add personal touches

The addition of personal touches like family photographs, your favorite books, or meaningful objects will take your console table from a beautiful focal point to a meaningful addition to your home.


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