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New Year, New Space

Updated: May 17, 2022

Hi I am Mary Ansley, and I am excited to be a new part of the Neylan team! I studied fashion design + business at Auburn University, and I have gained a lot of experience in real estate management in my working years as well. My passions have always been for textiles + color + good design.

In kicking off this new year, wanting to launch into a fresh start, I find my creative brain thinking through ways to revamp my home! Some good questions to think through are:

· Goals for your current space or that space that you would love to call home in 2021?

· What design trends are you loving?

· Are you wanting to make your space look more open? Less cluttered? More colorful?

· Are you wanting to add more color or texture?

· Are you wanting to add more visual interest?

Drum roll please…The key to visually pleasing and interesting spaces is: Contrast

Some simple ways to change up a space are through use of the following:

new pillows, curtains, art, photographs, throw blankets, lamps, colorful lamp shades, mirrors, new hardware, plants, planters, new side or drink tables, and rugs!

There are a lot of ways to achieve contrast via the vessels mentioned above. My favorite ways to achieve contrast are through mixing textures and patterns! Think of opposites such as the below:

Light + dark

Matte + shiny

Differing heights (adds dimension)

Soft + hard (leather and acrylic)

Did you know that at Neylan we can do a design consultation for you? We will help revamp your space giving you ideas that fit with your personal style and design goals. You can even purchase our décor + furniture suggestions directly from us!


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