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"Let the Good Times Roll" in the Magic City

When many people think of Mardi Gras, often one thinks New Orleans or Mobile. However, you don’t have to travel to get a taste of this Mardi Gras season as the city of Birmingham has lots to offer. Mardi Gras day is held on February 21st this year, also known as Fat Tuesday, but the season of celebrations begins on January 6th. Are you ready to catch a parade, eat lots of cajun food and king cake, and attend a celebration?

Catch a parade. Start this Fat Tuesday catching beads, moon pies, candy, trinkets, etc.. Head down to Downtown Birmingham to catch the Mardi Gras parade happening at 11AM. It is encouraged that you dress up in celebration as it is a way to express yourself through music, art, and dance. Bring your friends for a time of memories and laughter.

Eat Lots of King Cake. Head on over to Rolls Homewood where you can choose a king cake that is “ready to eat” or one that is frozen. If you are hosting a party and in need of a king cake, but don’t want to do the work, purchase one that is baked and “ready to eat”. If you are wanting a way to celebrate with your kids, be certain to get a frozen king cake for a fun time of decorating with the icing and sprinkles. Either way, eat lots of king cake and join in on the Mardi Gras festivities!

Authentic Taste of the Big Easy. Nawlins Style Po’Boys. Catch the food truck located on 9th Avenue. Time not Listed. Gumbo to Geau. Catch the food truck located at Hoover’s first Brewery, Brock’s Gap Brewery from 4:30PM-8:30PM. The Rougaroux. Located in the heart of Forest Park, open from 11:00AM-9:00PM.

Mardi Bras. Head on over to Jack Brown’s this Fat Tuesday for their annual Mardi Bras featuring Abita beers all day, King Cake Oreos, “The Big Easy” specialty burger, Swag Bags, and more. Be sure to donate a bra to help support breast cancer! Will you bring the most bras?

This Mardi Gras will be everything and more right here in the Magic City. If you love music, food, and a great party, don’t miss out on these festivities! Be sure to tag us in your Mardi Gras celebrations and Let the Good Times Roll.


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