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Finding Your Visual

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

What is a focal point?

It is one of the most important fundamentals in designing your space. The focal point of a room should highlight the most important feature of the space; in other words, it should be the star of your room. It is important not to create two focal points in your space. Always have the primary or star focal point – the first place you want people to see. If it is an open space you can then create a secondary focal point – the place eyes will go after the star.

How to find this elusive feature? Stick to always highlighting the best feature of your space and you cannot go wrong!

Is there a beautiful fireplace? Add gorgeous artwork or mirror above the fireplace, add trim detail if there is nothing above the mantel and you can also add sconces to frame the artwork/mirror, add built in bookcases or accent furniture with subtle artwork/mirrors on either side of the fireplace that will draw the eye to that part of the room. Arrange the furniture to focus on the fireplace.

Is it a room with a view? Then the view is the focal point and the first thing people should notice when they walk into the room would be that feature. Arrange the furniture so that it focuses on the view, beautiful large unobstructed windows, drapery that frame the view and French doors are all ways to highlight this feature.

Is there a gorgeous range and hood area in the kitchen? Add a decorative tile or bring the slab behind the range to create the focal point. Make the range hood larger than the range, add shelves or sconces on either side of the range. Or is it the island? Frame with a waterfall counter or a gorgeous slab of stone, paint the island a different color or stain than the perimeter cabinets, add bold pendants.

Bathrooms need focal points too! Add gorgeous tile behind a free standing tub to draw the eye to that feature, add decorative tile in a shower to draw the eye to beautiful fixtures. Add a light fixture with bling, highlight the area behind a vanity with wallpaper or tile, add beautiful mirrors to draw the eye to that feature.

The bed is typically the star of the bedroom. Gorgeous bedding, beautiful lamps or lighting to frame the bed, add an accent wall behind the bed and art above the bed. An exception to the bed being the star would be if the bedroom has a wonderful feature like a fireplace or a wonderful view. In that case you may want to make that feature the star of the room. This applies to the dining room as well – the table and chairs are typically the star; however, there may be a wonderful feature to highlight such as a view, niche or fireplace.


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