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A Quick and Easy Guide to Hanging Curtains

At Neylan Design we believe that curtains are very important when it comes to designing a beautiful room. This is why we want to share a quick post to help you upgrade your space with the perfect curtains!

Why Curtains and Window Treatments are Important:

Adding curtains to your space can make your windows appear larger, provide privacy, showcase your style, and even control temperatures in your home. Not to mention that curtains make a room look 1000x better!

Measuring the for the Correct Rod Width:

Measure the width (left to right) of your window and select a curtain rod that is longer than your measurement. We recommend going 4-6” past the trim of your window on each side. This is going to trick the eye into thinking that the window is larger than they actually are.

Measuring the for the Correct Panel Width:

Another important thing to remember is to calculate how many panels you will need for each window. An easy rule of thumb is for every 50" of rod length, you will need 2 panels.This will ensure that your curtains will still appear full when they are closed. Nobody wants wimpy curtains.

Example 1: Your window is 36” wide

  • Add 36” plus the 4” on either side of window to total 44” of rod length

  • You will need 2 panels for this window

Example 2: Your window is 82” wide

  • Add 82” plus the 4” on either side of window to total 100” of rod length

  • You will need 4 panels for this window OR two double-width panels

Hang Higher than the Top of Your Window:

This is one of the main differences between novice and professional curtain hanging. Placing your curtain rod 6 - 8” above the window trim will instantly take your space to the next level. The high curtains will make your window appear taller and feel much more luxurious.

Consider Curtain Length:

Unless you're going for a specific style, plan for your curtains to extend all the way to the floor. We typically recommend that the fabric lightly grazes the floor. If you like the look of curtains puddling a little on the floor then just be sure to account for a few extra inches.

Choosing the Perfect Fabric:

When it comes to curtain fabric there are so many choices, and we are here to make it easy for you to decide what is best for you. If you want a light and casual feel then we recommend going for a light colored panel with a high transparency. For example, we like to use white linen curtains often because they brighten up a space so much! On the other hand, if you want a moody or more formal room then opt for denser fabrics such as a dark velvet.

A Note to Renters:

If you want to add curtains to your space but are restricted to no holes in the wall be sure to check out this post about alternative options! You can still have a beautiful space without having to lose your security deposit!

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