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7 Renter Friendly Home Ideas You Need to Know

Updated: May 23, 2022

Contrary to popular belief, living in a temporary home doesn't have to feel temporary. There are so many simple, and renter friendly, ways to make your rented space feel like home. In this post we are going to share with you our top 7 renter friendly home hacks you must know about!

  • Upgrade Your Window Treatment

This really is one of the best tips for transforming your rented space into a cozy home. Window treatments can completely change the way your space feels. Adding curtains can quickly make your windows feel larger and create a sense that your rental is actually yours and you can do whatever you want to it!

Try adding curtains to enhance your rental's natural beauty. For example, if your rental home is dark and doesnt get a lot of light try adding light colored curtains to even out the darkness. The opposite is also true, If your rental gets a ton of natural light feel free to be bolder with your color choices.

  • Fake the Wall Mount Curtains

Now I know what you’re thinking, “What if we can’t put holes in the wall to mount the curtain rod?” Well we are so glad you asked! If your lease doesn’t allow holes in the drywall you can get creative and work around it. Here are some options:

- Use the Amazon NoNo Bracket

This is a bracket that hooks on to existing blinds so you can still have curtains without the damage.

- Use Heavy Duty Command Hooks

Although the NoNo Bracket is a great option, it will not allow your curtains to be the correct height they need to be in order to make the window feel larger. We recommend that your curtains are at least 8 inches out and up from your windows top corner trim. The heavy duty command strip will allow you to place the curtains where they need to be.

  • Work With the Color Scheme Your Given

Typically when you are renting a space the color on the walls will be neutral. Use this to your advantage and include it in your color scheme. Use your decor and wall art to make it feel like the walls were painted that color on purpose.

In some rentals you are allowed to use paint as long as you put a primer coat over it when you leave. If this is the case for you then you are free to have whatever color scheme you like and you only have to be up for a painting project! However, remember to accentuate your rental’s natural beauty and work with the lighting you are provided to make it feel balanced.

  • They Make Sticky Tile for Everything

With today's technology they have created adhesive backing that is easily removable making it renter friendly, lucky us! This means that you can upgrade your kitchen backsplash, bathroom tile, and even your floors. This is a super simple way to upgrade your rental and make it feel like a home! The only downside is that the cost can really add up so be aware of that when picking out your sticky tile.

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  • Removable Wallpaper

Similarly to sticky tile, they have also created removable wallpaper that can even be reused in some cases! This is a perfect way to add some customization and color to your rental at the same time. This works even better for people who can’t paint their walls but still want to change the existing color!

  • Removable Contact Paper

On the same note, removable contact paper can be used for just about anything and comes in hundreds of colors. The most popular use for it is to cover the existing kitchen countertops with a white marble pattern. Contact paper can also be used to cover rental cabinets that are dated and can completely transform your space! Just be sure to do your research and watch plenty of tutorials so that the application process goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Swap Out Dated Hardware

This is a super simple and inexpensive upgrade for your rental home! Typically the existing hardware in rentals can be really dated. Simply use a screwdriver to remove the existing knobs or handles on your cabinets and replace them with cute new ones. This is a great way to showcase the details in your rented space without breaking the bank. P.S. Hobby Lobby has a bunch of great options and you can usually catch them on sale!

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Those are the 7 renter friendly tips and tricks we have for you to make your rented space feel like a home! They are all pretty simple and don’t require you to damage your walls or break the rules! Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas everyone needs to know about. Have a great day!


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