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Need to install wallpaper at home Our consultants are available to assist with the selection of materials, designs and the development of a budget for any project. Our project superintendents will assure the project owner of a successfully : completed job with minimal disruption to their home life. It really costs no more to hire the very best. Once you officially commit to your , wallpaper project, the real fun begins: picking out a pattern. Admittedly, wallpaper has a rep for being granny-ish, but I will debunk that myth right now. The plethora of patterns out there — sleek, minimal, girly, moody, glam, chic — can make it overwhelming to commit to just one. Got a quote for siding and was "30 sq" --- wanted to get a quote to paint the wood instead now since we plan on moving in 3-5 years.removing popcorn from plaster ceilingAnother thing you can do is an online search. I would recommend a search term such as popcorn ceiling removal near me, removing popcorn ceiling near me, or ceiling popcorn removal near me. You should see some potential contractors in your general location. Clear the , room out so it is just floor, walls, and ceiling.160 Cover the walls and floor with , plastic and tape it shut so there is no air flow out, or put a box fan in the window to suck air outside.160 Spray this stuff on the walls and floor to capture any chunks that get scattered.160 Spray some into a pan that you will scrape the ceiling into .160 Wet the ceiling, then spray the encapsulant onto it as well.160 Scrape, but be carefull so you don't ding up the drywall paper too bad it can be patched with a setting drywall mud if you don't just reskin.160 Throw everything away when done... except the mask of course!painters for hireWhether you want to give your property a fresh coat of paint or a complete makeover, creating your dream home is easy with Rent Painters. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality, professional painting services to residents in or near Washington, D.C. You can trust us for , flawless paint jobs that save you both time and money. First, consider the places in the paint area that might be difficult to paint, or which need some extra prep work beyond whats typical. For example, if you have damaged drywall, check and see if thats something your painters will repair before they begin or if you need to have someone else do the repairs. If you have wooden trim to be painted, talk to your hired house painters about filling nail holes, sealing any knots in the wood, and using a slow-drying primer. """""""""



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